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Text Secret

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Welcome to TextSecret. TextSecret is a community which allows you to post your secrets, completely anonymously, in pure text form.

It is based on ljsecret, but unlike that community has no images, making for faster loading time, no need for an image host or graphics programme and a quicker way to post your secrets.

- Submissions
- Secrets 1
- Secrets 2
- Secrets 3

Please FRIEND the community, not join. Only moderators will be allowed posting access.


Taking Part
Anyone is welcome to post their secrets to TextSecret. Biweekly (meaning every OTHER Friday), there will be a submissions post, with screened comments. In response to this post, you should comment ANONYMOUSLY to submit your secret. Secrets posts will be made weekly (meaning every Friday).

Every secret submitted will be posted, so long as it conforms to the rules.

IPs will not be logged, making your comment completely anonymous. If you make a mistake and submit under your own LJ name, delete the comment and repost anonymously. The moderator will NEVER reveal the poster of any secret.

1. All secrets must be about you. They cannot be someone else's secret. This means they cannot contain text from anyone else's journal entry/private email etc. They also cannot directly name anyone in a negative way, either by their name or their Livejournal username (this does not, however, apply to figures in the public eye, such as celebrities or politicians). In a similar vein, secrets cannot consist solely of song lyrics/lines from a poem etc. They must be original in some way.

2. Secrets containing violent hate speech will not be posted. Hate speech includes, but is not limited to; racism, sexism, xenophobia, and homophobia. The moderator's decision is final.

3. Secrets must be no more than 150 words long. You can use a word processor, a browser plug-in or this word counter to check the length of your secret.

4. No flaming in the comments. We allow heated discussion, but anything the moderators consider inappropriate (particularly hate speech) will be deleted. If flaming continues, the perpetrator will be banned from the community. Anonymous flames will be deleted immediately. If you've got something to say, put your name to it, or don't say it at all.

5. If you know, or guess, the identity of a secret poster, do not reveal it in the community.

6. All secrets are posted as they are submitted, with bad spellings and all, but text talk - ie, "ur" and TYPiNG LYK THiS is not permitted. If you type like that, your secret will either be corrected, or not posted at all (depending on the severity of the text talk).

7. Please try to submit no more than two secrets per submission post.

8. Please post each secret in a separate comment. For example:

My cat's breath smells like cat food. I bent my wookie. I want her to choo-choo-choose me.

This is three secrets, and will not be posted.


I love Lisa Simpson. I think she's really smart. I want her to choo-choo-choose me, but she won't, because I say stupid things around her like "I bent my wookie" and "My cat's breath smells like cat food".

That is one secret, because it all centres on the same topic.

Easy, no?

If you submit more than two secrets, we will post our favourite two. You are welcome to resubmit them in the next submissions post.

Secrets must, however, be standalone. Posting one secret and then posting a "follow-up" in the same submissions post is not acceptable - if they're linked, post them as one secret - and neither will be posted (in order to give you a chance to reword them and resubmit it as one secret).

Unposted Secrets
If your secret does not get posted, please follow these steps:

1. DOUBLE CHECK that it hasn't been posted. That means reading every secret post from the submissions post you submitted it. Please make sure you know which submissions post it was, too. Sounds simple, but most of the time it turns out the secret was posted after all.

2. If your secret definitely has not been posted, please check the last secrets post of the submissions post you submitted it in. Just above the first secret it will say how many secrets have not been posted due to rule breaking. If the number is one or two, etc, it is likely that your secret wasn't posted because it breaks the rules. If the number is zero, then your secret probably has unfortunately been lost. If this is the case, or if you think it did not break any rules, follow the next steps.

3. Please comment on one of the secrets posts (not the submissions post) saying it wasn't posted and a brief outline of what it was about (if it was about a crush on your sister's boyfriend, for example, say "it was about my sister's boyfriend). This allows us to look at our list of not-posted secrets (those that are too long, those that break the rules, etc) and see why it went unposted.

4. We will reply to you and let you know, to the best of our knowledge, what happened. If, unfortunately, it was just missed, we're sorry. We're only human, we're incredibly busy people and we do this for you guys to enjoy - we can't be perfect.

5. If your secret has been missed, please resubmit in the next submissions post. If your secret wasn't posted because it broke the rules, feel free to change it so that it aligns with the rules and resubmit it.

This is a drama-free community. The emphasis is on sharing secrets, understanding, empathising and not judging. Feel free to give your opinion on a secret, but please try to make it constructive.

- TextSecret is in no way associated with Post Secret.
- The moderators are not responsible for the contents of secrets, nor do these express the moderators' own opinions.
- These rules are subject to change at any time.
- Users may be banned from this community at the moderator's discretion.
- Do not contact the moderators via their journals - please comment on the community. This is the only way you will get a response.
- Please note that there may be secrets with triggering content beneath the cuts in secrets posts.

Promoting Text Secret
We'd love it if you could promote textsecret in your journal, userinfo or anywhere else you can think of! If you use either of the community icons, please link to textsecret and credit the creator (this information can be found on our Userpics page!). Thank you!

Please also consider adding "textsecret" or "text secret" to your interests by clicking the links below.
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Creative Commons License
This work (including all secrets) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 License.

Last Updated: 18th September, 2009